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Chop Saws

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Weinig OptiCut 260

Feed-through saw. Strong concept for profitable, high-performance cross-cutting. More profit and transparency. Dynamic, precise and efficient cross-cutting. Optimal cutting precision. Perfect automatic sorting.

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Weinig OptiCut 450 series

Feed-through saw. Optimizing cross-cut saws – built for maximum dynamism and performance with every cut. Impressive, dynamic, precise and rapid cross-cutting. Uninterrupted cross-cutting as standard. More profit and transparencyOptimal cutting precision. Perfect automatic sorting.

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OptiCut S90 Series

Push-feed saw. Improve your value creation from cross-cutting - cutting precision, flexibility and optimal safety - the automatic optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pushers of the DimterLine OptiCut S 90 series offer all of this combined with high productivity.

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OptiCut S50

Push-feed saw. Performance, flexibility and maximum safety: These features have always been characteristic for the OptiCut S 50. Moreover, the follow-up model of the revolutionary machine design offers universal applications for small and medium-sized companies. The modular design offers a perfect fit to your needs to give you the necessary flexibility for future extensions.

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Weinig EasyStop

The Weinig EasyStop is a linear positioning system that allows you complete flexibility while ensuring precision, power, and quickness. The EasyStop can position even the heaviest loads with unmatched accuracy reducing your handling costs and providing a safer and more efficient work environment.

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PCS18 Pneumatic Cut-Off Saw

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