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Panel Saws

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TECTRA 6120 Series

With the TECTRA 6120 lift, charging is possible using an integrated lifting table system or on the TECTRA 6120 power, direct charging to the machine from a horizontal storage facility. For maximum performance requirements, the TECTRA 6120 dynamic model allows the pressure beam saw to be charged with new panels from storage even while the previous cutting operation is still in progress, without interrupting the current sawing cycle.

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ZENTREX 6215 Series

The ZENTREX 6215 horizontal panel saw demonstrates the highly stable machine construction you expect from HOLZ-HER. Unique on the market: The high quality linear guide technology installed on all axes. The absolute highlight on the ZENTREX 6215 is the newly developed 2-stage evacuation management system. Cutting-plan-controlled evacuation flaps in the pressure beam, which open or close depending on the length of the cut, increase the evacuation capacity at the saw blade, ensuring a clean machine table.

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ZENTREX 6220 series

All HOLZ-HER pressure beam saws in the ZENTREX 6220 series set new standards in the upper class with enormous dynamic power and use of precision technology such as ground linear guides and controlled servo-drives with CNC technology. On our flag ship, the ZENTREX 6220, all moving axes are equipped with precision, brushless servo-drives for optimum performance. The completely redesigned PLC control offers minimum cycle times in addition to extreme accuracy.

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