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Holz-Her CNC

Price: Fob shipping pt......$118,500.00

2019 Holz-Her Dynestic 7505 12.5 Push

Lightly used, low hours, nested base CNC router with automatic outfeed. Equipped with a sweeper on the back of the gantry which vacuums the table as the parts are pushed onto the motorized outfeed which also has a downdraft. Machine also includes the following options: vacuum table zoning, auto-lubrication, and a cold air gun at the router head. Specifications below:

• Machining dimensions: 5’ x 12’

• Max displacement: X = 4645 mm Y = 1890 mm Z = 317 mm

• Max programmable speed: Vector speed: 101,0 m/min X = 70 m/min, Y = 70 m/min, Z = 20 m/min

• Campus V7 software

• Siemans Industrial PC Controller

• 14 spindle boring unit: 10 vertical, 4 horizontal

• Integrated saw unit for sawing and grooving

• 15 hp routing cutter unit

• 12 position linear pick-up tool changer

• Rear fence with side stop

• 3 vacuum pumps

• ECO Vac Intelligent Vacuum that automatically turns on/off vacuum units in reference to required static negative pressure

• Includes all collets and tooling

• Can be seen under power

• Sold as is, where is