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Generation 3 Squaring/Sheathing Table

The Generation 3 Tables clamp the wall panels 18% faster. Clean out of saw dust is easier with new floor panels and slotted traps. Wider working surface. Newly designed floor panels that reduce workers' fatigue. New Anti-Slip Surface. The new design allows for quicker and easier installation, allowing for an earlier start time for running production.

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Diamond Quad Framing Table

The Diamond Quad Framing Table comes fully assembled and reduce your building costs down while building quality, square, and accurate walls. Color-coded stud locating flippers are exclusive to Triad. The locator brackets are slotted in order to assure exact center placement during table setup.

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Trident Bridge

The Trident Bridge was engineered with customer input. The new bridge incorporates a nimble 3 tool carriage that gives builders flexibility without compromising speed and efficiency, while at the same time significantly reducing tool cost over traditional bridges.

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